Profile site

          Hello, as a start, I’m Alex, a canon user and this website represents my portfolio. I discovered photography some time ago driven by my desire to save lost moments. Photography is like a time machine, you can go back and look through these windows at your past.

         No one can give you back those seconds except photography and of course videos. I have plenty of reasons for choosing photography to be a part of my existence. I consider that photography allows you to express yourself, it gives the opportunity to tell a story, it’s the best souvenir, it can make you and other people feel emotion, makes people happy and of course the list goes on.

         Other than that, you can find me in Bucharest doing street, landscape, concerts, events, and when I’m not out, I’m editing or doing indoor shooting. I’m not good in the matters of telling things about myself, and I also think it’s a bit irrelevant. In the end, writers write, photographers show!